About Us

Providing quality fieldwork to help protect New Zealand's natural heritage
Predator control is essential to retain New Zealand’s unique biodiversity
Over 10 years providing positive outcomes for New Zealand's native biodiversity
Professional fieldworkers with years of experience

What we do ...

    Monitoring helps us design control or eradication programs and ensures we are on track.
    Effectively remove threats using the latest innovations and technological solutions.
    Completely remove threats ensuring the preservation and sustainable development of the environment.

About the Team

NZ Bushpest has a large pool of experienced and professional workers that are employed on a contract-to-contract basis.  

The wide skill set and flexibility our team offers means we can provide a tailored approach to your conservation project countrywide.  When working on public or private land our team strictly follow and apply set procedures within an ever-changing, challenging landscape.  



As technology advances, so does the range of tools NZ Bushpest uses to enhance our control methods.

We currently use:

  • GPS/GIS Mapping technology – the latest in topographical mapping systems for quality assurance and accountability
  • Motion cameras – sensory field cameras that pick up animal movement (useful for monitoring densities, gauging control method effectiveness)

To help with the information flow required in control operations we have created:

  • Online Landowner database – to capture information gathered from landowners (landowners can login and enter own details)
  • Online information – a webpage for stakeholders  to inform them about our latest contract
  • Extranet – to share documents quickly and easily with contract principals, landowners, iwi, suppliers, workers and other stakeholders


Sustainability is what we’re about – that’s why we have an Environmental Management System (EMS) which is Enviro-mark Gold accredited.

Owned and managed by Landcare Research, Enviro-mark is a five-step programme which aligns with ISO 14001:2015; the world’s best-known environmental standard.

NZ Bushpest achieved Enviro-mark Gold in 2014 after progressing through the Bronze and Silver levels.  Reaching Gold level ensures we:

  • comply with current relevant legislation.
  • identify, evaluate and manage our environmental aspects and impacts.
  • make measurable improvements to our environmental performance.

NZ Bushpest Environmental Policy

NZ Bushpest Enviro-mark Gold Certificate

Health and Safety

ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) - Tertiary level

NZ Bushpest is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and ensuring we carry out activities with public safety in mind. To continually improve in this area we chose to be audited under the ACC WSMP programme.  We have now achieved the highest level - Tertiary.  

ACC WSMP Tertiary Certificate



New Zealand/Aotearoa leads the world in island conservation. Many of our offshore islands are now predator-free, and the dawn chorus rings with birdsong unheard on the mainland for many years. These predator-free islands have become the Noah's Ark of New Zealand/Aotearoa's bio-diversity. NZ Bushpest Ltd is committed to ensuring the pest-free status of these islands.