Quality fieldwork for conservation

Welcome to NZ Bushpest

NZ Bushpest is dedicated to providing quality fieldwork to help protect New Zealand/Aotearoa's natural and historic heritage. We have a large pool of professional fieldworkers that monitor, control or eradicate threats to New Zealand/Aotearoa's distinctive flora and fauna.

For over ten years we have worked with government and public agencies in various challenging locations around New Zealand/Aotearoa. NZ Bushpest specialises in:

  • Ecological weed control
  • Ground control of predators

  • Biodiversity offsets for economic development
  • Living and working in remote locations

We remove threats to our natural heritage

New Zealand/Aotearoa has been blessed with an ancient natural heritage found nowhere else on earth. Unfortunately, due to the mass clearance of lowland forests, swamps and wetlands at the turn of the century our biodiversity only exists in remnants. NZ Bushpest specialises in removing threats to New Zealand/Aotearoa's remaining natural heritage.

ACC WSMP Tertiary Accredited

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